Virtual Assistant Services

Project Management:  Do you have a project you just can’t face?  Hand it off to me and I will take from infancy to spectacular end!  I’ll map out all the steps and keep you informed of progress along the way.

Process Management:  Would you love more organization and flow to your business?  Once I get to know how you work best, I can put processes in place to ensure you never miss a beat and remember all the little things.

Scheduling/Calendaring:  I can assist you with making sure you never miss a deadline.  I can also assist with scheduling meetings and setting reminders.

Travel Arrangements:  If you travel a lot, I would be happy to help with your travel arrangements.

Word Processing:  I can assist with the production of all your letters, documents, pleadings, agreements, memoranda, reports, books, articles, blogs, etc.

Revisions and Formatting:  Have you attempted to assemble a document on your own and made a huge mess?  I can revise and format those documents to industry standards or any useable format you need.

Proofreading:  Announcements, blog posts, articles, job descriptions, briefs, agreements, and letters.  Don’t send anything out without having me proofread your document.  It’s amazing what a fresh eye can catch.

Data Entry:  Do you have hundreds of business cards that you need added to your contacts?  Raw data from various sources that you want in one document?  Holiday card list updated?  Send it all to me and I can hammer away at it.

Transcription Services:  If you have good, clean, quality audio with one to two speakers, you can expect an average ratio of 1:4 (1 hour of audio will take 4 hours to transcribe).  If the audio is of poor quality, has many speakers, and/or contains information that may require any research (i.e., looking up company names, spellings, etc.), you can expect an average ratio of 1:5 or more.  If possible, all digital transcription should be delivered in .mp3 format.  If sent using a different format, client will be charged for the time it takes to convert the file to .mp3 format.

Online Research:  Don’t have time to search the internet?  Let me take care of that for you.  If you provide me with a few small search parameters, I can take it from there.

Website Creation and Monitoring:  Do you have a new business that needs a web presence?  I can create a simple landing page for potential new clients to find you or I can produce an interactive website for your customers to browse, shop, and purchase from your online store.

Blogs:  Blog posts lead to excellent SEO.  The more you blog and post to your website, the more people will find you.  And that’s what having a website is all about.  Potential new clients.  I can post your blogs for you, attach interesting photos, and make sure you get the best possible SEO out of every word.

Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.  All of these social media weapons can drive potential new clients to your website or directly to your new business.  It takes time to continuously post, tweet, upload, and update your social media.  Let me take care of this for you.

Newsletters:  Have you reached a set goal?  Do you have new associations or affiliates?  New products?  A sale?  Whatever the announcement is, newsletters are a great way to let your current clients know what is new in your business world.  I can put together a professional, content driven newsletter from your contacts on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.