Tucson, AZ


“As a partner at Foster Pepper, I had a reputation for being fastidious. When I needed an assistant to help build my speaking business around Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks, I was highly selective. Virtual Alex has always met — and exceeded — my expectations. She is prompt, organized and pays attention to detail. She is a pleasure to work with and makes my life much easier.” Grover E. Cleveland, Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks

“I have worked with Alexandra on and off for more than a decade. She is fantastic. Alexandra has always approached each of our projects with highest level of professionalism and energy, and I have the utmost confidence in her abilities. She has a wide-variety of skills and is fully capable of completing projects accurately and on time, without direct supervision. In fact,  her skill set far exceeds that of most legal secretaries. Most importantly, Alexandra is friendly and easy-going. She works well under pressure. She is, in short, the perfect partner for any project.”Chris Marks, Sedgwick Law, Seattle

“There’s something very special about Alex.  She immerses herself into every project she tackles, and she doesn’t quit until she gets it right.  She always gets it right.  Alex truly is brilliant, and coupled with thoughtfulness, kindness, a gentle manner and an easy smile, I have never worked with another legal assistant I trust more to do what she says she can do.  Alexandra is analytical and uses excellent judgment. She asks all the right questions to understand what it is I need. She  is responsible, reliable, likeable and uniquely excellent, and she provides excellent results.  No one will ever be disappointed working with Virtual Alex.”Marcia Remington, PHR

“Alexandra is without question, one of the best assistants I have worked with.  She is efficient, professional and always completes projects within the requested deadlines. As well, her ability to learn new processes quickly and problem solve make her a valuable resource to any company.”Janet Shafi